Sterling Firefly Pins, with Citrien and Peridot
Sterling Firefly Pins, with Citrien and Peridot
Sterling Firefly Pins, with Citrien and Peridot
Sterling Firefly Pins, with Citrien and Peridot
Photo Radim Schrieber, Great Smoky Mountains, 2016
Peridot Firefly Pin
Fireflies and Lightening, painting by Charles Burchfield
Sterling Firefly Pins, with Citrien and Peridot
the great Patti Smith, wearing her T and Brie Firefly Pin
Ryan Atkinson, Fireflies, Elkmont

Sterling Firefly Pins, with Citrien and Peridot

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The Firefly, small enigmatic summertime favorite, captured in antiqued Sterling Silver, enhanced with luminous bright green Peridot or Citrine High Dome Cabochons. The gem symbolizing the mysterious and beloved phosphorescent glow of these small members of the vast Beetle family.

Size: These unique pins, designed and handcrafted in New York, are approximately 1" long and 1/4" at the widest point. Handcrafted of Sterling Silver with a steel pin and Nickel Pin Back Button. They can be worn on a tie, lapel or shirt. We offer them as singles or as a pair, and you can select the gems we will set in them. If you desire a Tie Tac version please choose that option as they will be crafted with a flatter back suitable for pinning on aTie.

Your choice of stone we set: choose glowing Peridot Bullets, light green, often called the Evening Emerald, Peridot is commonly associated with spirituality and self-expression. It is an August birthstone, and the national gemstone of Egypt. We also offer warm, honey Citrine, a birthstone for November, known as the "healing quartz". This golden gemstone is said to support vitality and health while encouraging and guiding hope, energy and warmth within the wearer. Some feel the NE Fireflies glow is more of a yellow light, this would be well represented by Citrine.

Each Pin comes tucked in a pouch in a gift box, with a handcrafted card with some Firefly lore, as it it close to our hearts, ready for unique gift giving or safe-keeping.

Designed for the nature lover with a sophisticated design sense, we believe these unique treasures will delight and please for many years to come.

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