Our Story

T and Brie is a mother-daughter Studio where expert craftsmanship and experience combine with the vigor of youth to create artistic adornments inspired by the beauty in the everyday, designed to enhance, intrigue and mystify. 

Handcrafted in recycled precious metals, using intriguing gems and pearls, carefully chosen for their uniqueness and meaning by Teresa and Brie in their shared home studio in the lower Hudson Valley region of New York.

Teresa de la Guardia has been a jeweler for over 25 years, she is a native of NYC, the daughter of a Costa Rican father and a native New Yorker mother.  She is a graduate of the Metalsmithing/ Jewelry Design Department of Parsons School of Design.  Artistically inclined from a young age, Teresa's talent was respected and supported by her parents and expanded with their own love of the Arts and their beloved City, where cultural experiences flourish and can be found in many forms.

Teresa sold her jewelry line straight out of College and worked to expand her small business each year, to Galleries, Museum Stores, and fine Boutiques, first in Manhattan, then growing to select venues in the tri-state area through the late 1980's into the 2000's.

More recently, the transformational process of motherhood led Teresa to blossom her line into T and Brie, a design atelier that picks up up where she left off to raise her daughter, and in the spirit of girl empowerment includes her now teen Brie.  Crafting timeless symbolic treasures, meticulously by hand, in Silver, Gold and Gems, their mutual endeavor  only becomes more interesting as they delve into their artistic visions together.

The Ancient connection between Women and Nature, in all of its myriad forms, is a constant thread of inspiration for Teresa and Brie, as is elevating often overlooked forms and symbols to a place of contemplation and respect. 

Magical beauty is all around us, Teresa and Brie choose jewelry, one of the most ancient Art forms to weave their ideas into artistically crafted metal jewels holding gems and pearls imbued with meaningful symbolism to not merely adorn, but to offer the wearer comfort and interest, to elevate their spirit and hopefully add to their own story.