Jewelry Care


Jewelry Care: Fine jewelry should be treated with care. It is best practice to remove jewelry when retiring, this will  lessen the chances of damaging an item.  It is good habit to apply lotion, creams and sprays prior to putting on your jewelry. 

Opals and Moonstones are quite soft gems and can be easily dulled or scratched; use care when you wear them and when packing them for transport.

Welo Opals should NEVER be immersed in water or exposed to drastic temperature changes as this can alter their magic color composition temporarily.  Please use care when putting on your Welo Opal piece as the gems are soft and contact with hard surfaces should be avoided.

Pearls have a delicate nacre that can easily be scratched, be aware and be gentle with them. 

Our Sterling has a natural patina applied by hand (as well as some of our Gold) that can be affected by different waters, we recommend removing jewelry for bathing, swimming, showering etc.

Repairs: Please review our jewelry care info. We stand by the quality of our work and guarantee that quality, with normal wear for one year.  Please contact us should you ever have an issue or require a repair of an item and we will be happy to assist as best we can. 

Lost an T and Brie Earring?  We will work with you using images of the one earring to help make a replacement match for you.  Photos are necessary as the gemstones are all unique and matched to each other in pairs.  A charge for the one item, will apply, in addition to standard shipping charges.