Sterling Silver Overlay Butterfly Statement Necklace
©Teresa de la Guardia, All Rights Reserved
©Teresa de la Guardia, All Rights Reserved.   Iridescent labradorite and oxidized sterling silver combined and expertly crafted into an amulet that possesses an otherworldly beauty.
Exquisite Painting by intrepid traveler and highly skilled draughtswoman, Maria Sybila Merian, who traveled to Surinam in the 18th c with her daughter, and chronicled thousand of species of insects. She then printed her paintings and compiled a volume, one of the first of the Study of Insects and their mysterious ways.
©Teresa de la Guardia, All Rights Reserved
Monarch Migration in Mexico, from The NY Times
Itzpapalotl Aztec Obsidian, Clawed Butterfly Goddess
Sterling Silver Overlay Butterfly Statement Necklace

Sterling Silver Overlay Butterfly Statement Necklace

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This substantial Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace was created from Sterling sheet metal that I pierced and then skillfully cut out with my jeweler's saw to create the beautiful unique pattern of the intricate wings of one of Spring's most ephemeral creatures. I then delicately formed the subtlety of it's shape and created an overlay piece of two sheets of metal soldered together.  Our homage to the Lepidoptera Order of insects is then naturally oxidized with a Patina and finished with a hand brushed technique: earthy, elegant and exuding an understated sophistication.

  • This Statement Necklace has a 2" wingspan and is 2" long at it's widest point, a weighty, substantial tribute to one of Nature's most delicate and ephemeral creatures.
  • We offer this majestic pendant several ways:
    1. Crafted on thin black leather cord with handcrafted Sterling end caps and Clasp and 1.5" adjustable tail
    2. Crafted with Sterling Cable Chain, also with adjustable tail, both finished with a sparkly Briolette Bead.
    3. Crafted on cable chain with Beads near the Butterfly.
    4. Choose our Own made Hook and Eye Clasp or a Lobster Claw Style clasp

All of these options are 17 " adjustable to 18.5".


All of our unique pieces are designed and handcrafted in our mother daughter Studio in New York, where 25 years of jewelry-making joined with the ebullience of youth : T and Brie. Our passion is creating lasting treasures for enthusiasts of life with a love of fresh handcrafted contemporary design.

This dramatic Butterfly Adornment will arrive packaged in a pouch, in a our gift box with our handcrafted informational cards. Each work is signed and dated and hand stamped Sterling or 14k where possible.

"I am a native New Yorker, and graduate of Parsons School of Design, where I learned the ancient skills of Metalsmithing and studied Jewelry History. I fabricate our designs in metal, from drawings and sketches of our observations of the world we are walking in. Transposing transient creatures in Sterling, gives us great pleasure. I hope our work nurtures a bond with our shared environment."--- Teresa de la Guardia, designer, T and Brie.

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