T and Brie Honeybees, Mary Delaney floral collage
Solid Gold Honeybees
14k Gold Rainbow Moonstone Artemis Honey Bee Earrings
14k Gold Rainbow Moonstone Artemis Honey Bee Earrings
14k Gold Rainbow Moonstone Artemis Honey Bee Earrings
14k Gold Rainbow Moonstone Artemis Honey Bee Earrings

14k Gold Rainbow Moonstone Artemis Honey Bee Earrings

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We craft our shimmering gold Artemis Honey bee earrings in solid 14k gold from our drawing, inspired by the ancient mythology of Goddess culture and their kinship with Bees, creatures who can extract the sweetness of the earth which resides in naturally growing things. Inspired by the regal Earth Mother Goddess Artemis, the protective, nurturing, earthy, fruitful and life-giving, Artemis, of the ancient Anatolian culture. These Golden rainbow moonstone Bees are our tribute to her and the mythology of another time, one that feels vibrant and relevant today.

Our unique Earring composition features luminous blue-sheen Moonstones specially cut for us to form the body of our golden Bees; another smooth rainbow Moonstone completes the head. Golden wings aloft, the carefully crafted metal speaks of both strength and delicacy. Gold Ear wires, left long, curve and accentuate the form.

  •  Honeybees are 1" wide, enhanced by luminous high-dome Moonstone Cabochon "abdomens" that we set into our crafted bezels
  • We handcraft our Honeybees from solid 14k Gold metal, chasing a light feathery texture into her wings with hammer on anvil.

In antiquity Honeybees and honey had a very special significance. Bee symbolism in sacred texts, art and artifacts dates back to the Neolithic Period. The Bee and the Goddess have been intertwined through time, and in multiple cultures – Egyptian, Minoan, Greek, Roman, Sumerian. Honey was indeed considered to drip from heaven as the food of the gods. The Honeybee, was regarded as soul-carrier or liminal form of the human soul by many ancient cultures. Her social dynamic, including the Queen bee, have represented the divine feminine, various Goddesses, Mother Earth and the nurturing space of the womb in cultures around the world, predating modern religions and the adoption of the patriarchal perspective. The folklore and legends that have followed the Honeybee throughout history are a testament to the magic she brings to the human world.

Honeybees have been our major insect pollinators for more than 4000 years. They make many of our favorite foods possible. They are socially driven to work together for the good of the colony. They have become scarce due to exposure to pesticides, herbicides and viruses. Please choose organic products when tending your garden and plants, the Bees will thank you, 10-fold.

  • These Golden Artemis Honeybees will be made for you, please allow 3-6 weeks for the creative process
  • All pieces will arrive decoratively gift boxed with our informational card to spread the word about the plight of the Honeybee along with simple care instructions for your unique jewelry
  • Each piece is signed and dated and hand stamped 14k

>>>>>A portion of the sale of each of our Honeybee pieces is donated to the creation of The NY Bee Sanctuary. The New York Bee Sanctuary will be dedicated to observation and understanding of pollinator behavior and the life cycle of honeybees. Learn more about them here: http://www.newyorkbeesanctuary.org<<<<

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