14k Gold Black Dahlia Aubergine Pearl Bud Necklace
14k Gold Black Dahlia Aubergine Pearl Bud Necklace
Black Dahlia print
Rose Gold layers handcrafted by T and Brie: Budding Branch Necklace, Cybele Key Charm necklace, Black Dahlia Bud Necklace©Teresa de la Guardia, All Rights Reserved
Black Pearl and 14k Rose Gold Black Dahlia Bud Necklace, ©Teresa de la Guardia, All Rights Reserved
Aztec Pharmacopiea
Black Dahlia Bud Necklace, in 14k RoseGold, ©Teresa de la Guardia, All Rights Reserved
Long Black Dahlia Bud Necklace, everday beauty with enough glam for evening wear. ©Teresa de la Guardia, All Rights Reserved

14k Gold Black Dahlia Aubergine Pearl Bud Necklace

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Layered Rose Gold Caps our plump aubergine Pearl, dangling from a long thin rose gold cable link chain, for a unique pick from the garden. Artistically rendered metallic Rose Gold petals cup the Pearl, a gold wire woven through the pearl connects the botanic caps. Part of our capsule collection from summer of 2020, crafted in a warm color palette, exuding earthy, understated elegance.

Size: Length of Black Dahlia Bud is approximately 6/8" long. The Pearl capped Pendant will dangle approx. 1 inch. Pearls are each unique, chosen for their interesting luster, approx. 8mm wide by 10mm long. Finished with our handcrafted Hook 14k Rose gold clasp or a spring ring style, your choice.

Black Dahlia Bud Necklace will be snugly packaged in a velvet pouch inside a box ready for unique gift giving or safe keeping. Also included is our Pearl Card, handcrafted with our inspiration, nature's first gemstone, the pearl. Pearls are a birthstone for those born in the month of June.

"All art is autobiographical, the Pearl is the oyster's autobiography."- Federico Fellini

The Genus Dahlia is native of Mesoamerica, principally of the high plains of Mexico, some species can be found in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador & Costa Rica as well as parts of South America. The Aztecs called the plant acocoxóchitl, believed to derive from "plant with tube-like stems". Dahlias are woven into the mythology of the Aztecs who cultivated the many varieties, used some for medicine, others for food (the rhizome) and of course, in their fantastic ceremonies. Dahlias are the national flower of Mexico.

Also available crafted in 14k Yellow Gold.

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