Gemstone, Sterling Honeybee Amulet Necklace
Gemstone, Sterling Honeybee Amulet Necklace
Gemstone, Sterling Honeybee Amulet Necklace
Gemstone, Sterling Honeybee Amulet Necklace
Gemstone, Sterling Honeybee Amulet Necklace

Gemstone, Sterling Honeybee Amulet Necklace

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>>>> T and Brie Donate to the to Bee Sanctuary of NY with your purchase of our handcrafted Honeybee Jewelry, thank you! <<<<<

Sterling Citrine Honey Bee Necklace with outstretched wings ready to take flight, is set with two Cabochons rounding out it's familiar form. This talisman of Nature is enhanced by a luminous elongated Citrine, like a drop of solid honey, with a moonstone set in the head, of this important insect.

We lightly antique our Sterling work, and finish by hand-brushing, for a matte sheen. A modern interpretation of the veiled winged insect, yet it could be a treasure from a reminiscent past. Wear this talisman and create your personal bond with this endangered insect so important to the agricultural pollination of many crops.

Size: This unique Amulet is approximately 1 inch long, and will vary slightly as the gemstones we use are all natural and variations occur. The wingspan is also approximately 1 ". Crafted on 17" Cable Chain with an inch and half extender chain for adjustability. Other chain lengths available, please inquire.

We choose only the finest gems for our pieces to maintain a high level of quality and consistency from piece to piece. The gemstone selection process is a lovely time involved one all it's own! Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding your gemstone preferences, queries, etc.

The feminine form of our Honeybee series is inspired by the insects long associations throughout different histories with women. Honey Bees are a matriarchal society, their very essence related to the feminine. Bees, in the insect world, are classified as members of the hymenopteran order, meaning “veil-winged” Bees and honey are mentioned in the oldest literature of the world, from the cuneiform writings of the Sumerians and Babylonians, to the sacred writings of the Vedas of India. In Egypt, we find the earliest known use of the Bee as a symbol, as it was the hieroglyph to denote Lower Egypt. In Greece, Bee was the title given to Aphrodite's high priestess, called Melissae, at the honeycomb-shrine of Mount Eryx, where the Goddess's fetish was a golden honeycomb.

Our Cable Chain choice will be embellished with several beads attaching a lobster claw style clasp; our handmade hook clasp is also an option.

We sketch from observation and and work to distill the essence of our impressions. I construct each piece utilizing metalsmithing techniques enjoying the resist of the medium. We love the tactile experience of creating a piece of jewelry from a mere thought or fleeting encounter with an ephemeral being! I have always been drawn to creatures with wings. My young daughter is enjoying learning the mystery of it all; working together just makes perfect sense to us.

***A portion of the sale of each of our Honeybee pieces is donated to the creation of The NY Bee Sanctuary. The New York Bee Sanctuary will be dedicated to observation and understanding of pollinator behavior and the life-cycle of honey bees. Learn more about them here: ***

All pieces will arrive snugly packaged in a velvet pouch and Bee Hive Box, with our informational cards created years ago to spread the word about the plight of the Honeybee, along with a card noting the donation. Each piece is signed and dated and hand stamped Sterling..

All of our pieces are crafted in our mother daughter studio in the lower Hudson Valley region of New York. This Necklace will ship within 1 to 2 weeks of purchase, please let us know if you have a specific date in mind.

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